Do You Need an Rx for Ben Admin?

Raffa Financial ServicesRaffa Financial Services on 01/29/2018

Do the words Benefits Administration strike fear in the hearts of your HR team? They don’t have to.

Feeling queasy?

Yes, you’re dealing with increasing costs and complexity while trying to work with regulations that feel like a daily guessing game and the plan design changes needed to keep up. Add employee onboarding and open enrollment into the mix and you’ve got yourself a whole lot of responsibility on your hands, plus a sizable to-do list. And maybe even a little heartburn.

At Raffa, we understand how difficult and time-consuming benefits administration can be on your HR department. We also know that you’ve got plenty of other important things you’d like to get to.

Just imagine what you could do if some of those ben admin stressors and tasks got taken off your plate!

Say “Aaaaaah.”

That’s right. There are ways to help relieve the benefits administration burden on your team, and that tightness in your shoulders.

Open Enrollment  Real-time dashboards give you a view of employees as they move through open enrollment. Let them compare plans, make selections on their own time, and feel good about their decisions.

Smooth Onboarding  Easily upload HR forms and documents for review. Manage hiring documents to keep you in compliance and create an audit trail. Make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Built-in Communications System  Send individual or bulk messages, save templates, and track opens and click-through rates. See who has opened your emails and who may need another reminder.

Task Management  Divide roles and responsibilities between your broker, HR admin, and others using the system. Keep track of all those little, critical things that make a big difference for your company and your employees. Make sure you’ve got everyone covered.

Feeling better?

So are we! There’s nothing better than helping awesome companies and busy HR professionals get back to the business of business.

Knowing solutions are out there is half the battle. Finding the right ones is the next step.  


Is your broker truly excited about organizational problem solving and helping you design an employee benefits strategy that helps you recruit top talent and makes your job easier? If not, give us a call. We live for this stuff!  


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