3 Things Your Employees Care About That You Can Deliver During a Crisis

Raffa Financial ServicesRaffa Financial Services on 06/18/2020

The changes in our lifestyles, our work, and our relationships created by the pandemic have put a strain on companies who want to support their employees. Yet, at the same time, they feel lost in the scramble of dealing with newly remote workforces, new practices, figuring out funding, and adjusting to new customer needs.  

But delivering on employee values should continue to be a priority during this time. Taking care of your employees’ needs is a direct way to nurture the strength and resiliency of your company. It will help you maintain a positive company culture and monopolize on the opportunities these changes have created.  

Professional development 

Wondering how you can help your employees feel engaged with your company while working from home? Now may be a perfect time to invest in some professional development strategies your employees can engage with while working from home.  

There are a large number of online learning databases that teach subjects ranging from marketing to science to business strategy. Employees who have opportunities for professional development and skill growth are generally more engaged, more productive, and happier than their counterparts who don’t receive learning opportunities.   

So while other companies are struggling to maintain a sense of company culture and community that drives productivity and engagement with their remote workforces, your company can emphasize employee development and drive engagement remotely.  


One way to help initiate company culture and engagement with your company values is to promote your employees’ engagement with their own values. From climate change to the economy to the election to civil rights, our county is in a time of upheaval and change. 

It may feel like a sketchy subject for you, but your company doesn’t need to take a particular stance on anything to connect with the values of your employees and the surrounding community.  

Offer a program that matches employee donations to non-profits of their choice (up to whatever amount you can afford). You can also sponsor a set amount of volunteer hours each employee can take during working hours 

Consider what your employees care about. Ask them and see what they say. Look for a common thread among your employees and tailor your support to that. It is a great way to give your employees a way to take action, which many people often find overwhelming. It can provide a modicum of relief to those who are emotionally taxed by the current climate while nurturing a bond of value-based support between your employees and your company.  


Offering flexibility to your workers can provide some relief from the strain of working remotely, often with children and family members, and in not-so-perfect spaces. Allowing your employees to start a little later or leave a little earlier can make all the difference.   

If loosening your structured hours doesn’t quite fit with your company's needs, consider offering half days, a three-day weekend once a month, or more paid vacation days. You may find that giving your employees more freedom to choose when they work and to manage their personal lives without feeling anxiety will help your company culture stay healthy and keep your employees from becoming overwhelmed and burned out.  

Pick your priorities 

Whether you choose to help your employees get more active in their communities, develop more professional skills, or manage their time, make sure you know what it is your employees value most.  

Send out a survey, hold a meeting, ask one-on-one what your employees need and want from your company. The act of asking is, in itself, a critical part of maintaining a positive culture and ensuring your employees feel taken care of.  

Show you care. Take the opportunity to deliver on the needs and values of your employees, and you’ll find yourself with a much more resilient and engaged workforce. The investment is cyclical, touching everyone involved, and sending ripple effects throughout your culture, community, and organization.  


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