How Working at Raffa Made Me Healthier! (And Why You Should Care.)

Raffa Financial ServicesRaffa Financial Services on 06/04/2018

Imagine joining a company and pursuing a rewarding career— all while becoming the healthiest you! This is what’s happening at Raffa, and it can happen at your business, too.

Because our business is so closely tuned into the insurance industry, we see first-hand the impact that employee health has on company insurance premiums. Not only do we see this with our clients every day, we see it in our own business as well.

With over 300 employees, 100% of our company’s medical/pharmacy claims costs drive 100% of our renewal premiums. At one point, the total paid amount of our claims, the number of large claimants, and employee absenteeism had begun to spiral out of control. To address these issues, we decided to change our organizational behaviors in hopes of creating more positive, healthy outcomes, both for our employees and our bottom line.

And guess what? It worked!

The Raffa wellness program was implemented in 2015. Through annual biometric evaluation, we quickly identified some of the drivers behind our increased risk. 

Over the last few years, we have seen tremendous success with the program through ongoing promotion, including:

  • Financial incentives for employees via health premium reductions
  • Company-paid weight loss program
  • Free flu shots
  • Onsite yoga
  • Rewards for taking a coworker to work out
  • Company sponsorship of various athletic events throughout the DC metro region

The results of these efforts have been significant.

“This focus on wellness over the past has provided many employees with significant weight loss success, has increased presenteeism, and reduced our health insurance premium increases to well below the medical trend.” 

– Jon Z., VP Group Benefits, Raffa Financial Services

From business to personal results, these healthy changes have positively affected the health of our organization. More than 75% of our staff indicated they have lost weight, maintained their healthy lifestyle, or are starting their own journey toward better health since becoming a Raffa employee.

We’re doing more

In order to get the most out of our efforts, we knew we needed to fully commit to our program. With that commitment in mind, we formed a  wellness committee to keep everyone informed and engaged, not just while we implemented the program or hired a new person, but on an ongoing and consistent basis.

We promote healthy lifestyles and communities by organizing fun activities to get us moving and to raise awareness (and cash!) for causes we care about. To help keep our Raffa team members happy and energized, we provide an assortment of fruit on a weekly basis, putting employee health at the top of the priority list.

Our employees are loving it!

Here is a quick sample of what participating Raffa employees have to say:

“I knew I needed to get healthier when I realized the way that I saw myself in my mind did not sync with the way I actually looked. I was going through old photos from a friend’s wedding and realized just how overweight I had become. At that point, I decided I had to lose the weight. I don’t think I would have succeeded if I wasn’t working here when I had this realization. Whether it’s fresh fruit days, my company sponsored stand-up desk, or the bevvy of healthy drink options available, Raffa gave me all the tools and support I needed to succeed.”

– Josh P., IT, Raffa Financial Services (75 pounds lighter on his feet, happily taking the stairs and feeling like the Incredible Hulk!)

“I decided it was important to take an active step in getting healthy so I could be a better, healthier version of myself, and take better care of my father. Working in an industry focused on health insurance and outcomes, I feel it’s especially important to get and stay healthy to help reduce overall healthcare costs to myself and the company, and ensure the most cost effective/friendly premiums for us in the future. Not to mention, the overall great feeling of being healthy!” 

– Karyne G., Group Benefits Service Specialist, Raffa Financial Services (energetically making laps around the office to get her steps in each day!)

And our clients benefit, too!

Not only do we get to work in an environment of health-conscious employees, we’re also excited to bring healthy solutions to our Raffa clients.

“We’ve helped facilitate health fairs and flu clinics, conducted educational seminars, and talked about building wellness programs into both insurance plans and company cultures. For example, some insurance carriers will even pay for a portion of your gym membership. Many of our clients are unaware of these things and the difference they can make.” 

–Jeyalene B., Broker, Raffa Financial Services

Workplace wellness is a win-win for employees and employers alike. We pride ourselves in providing the best employee benefit solutions while keeping cost down. I like to think we help increase corporate bottom lines while reducing spending— and waistlines!

We're living proof

Wellness at work can start with anyone, and employers who support it by creating an environment that believes in and promotes healthy lifestyles will see an increase in productivity. After all, we are the products of our environment.

At Raffa, we’ve created one that attracts and retains a healthier, more productive and engaged workforce.

And we’d love to do the same for you.



Written by Sherlyn Jeyasekeran, Analyst at Raffa Financial Services

Sherlyn loves putting together top-notch proposals, presentations and summaries for his clients. He also loves serving on the Raffa Wellness Committee, helping his coworkers achieve their wellness and fitness goals.


Photo courtesy of Raffa Financial Services. These are our awesome team members!

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