How Your Brand Matters When Hiring New Talent

Raffa Financial ServicesRaffa Financial Services on 01/28/2021

In today’s world of online expansion, many aspects of business success have changed dramatically, influencing the way companies compete with each other, connect with their customers, and make sales. Companies have had to adjust their priorities, setting their online presence and customer experience at a much higher bar. It isn’t far-fetched to say that brand image is the lifeblood to a company, playing a significant role in attracting new customers and filling the pipeline.

Customers have access to an immense amount of information about your brand, from company reviews to product reviews to price comparisons with your competitors. People trust each other’s online reviews nearly as much as they trust personal recommendations. More than half of consumers will only purchase from a company with a four or more star rating. It’s up to your business to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that what’s being said online is beneficial to the company.

There are countless B2B services based on this idea. Marketing agencies, website developers, customer outreach teams, and data analysts all working to build and maintain a healthy brand image. But there’s a whole part of building a brand image that isn’t talked about nearly enough: employee and candidate experience.

It all matters

It goes without saying that what people say about you online matters. But when was the last time you checked to see how candidate-friendly your hiring processes are? Have you ever looked up employee reviews of your company on sites like Glassdoor? What about internal surveys to gauge the employee onboarding experience?

Candidates are often the last priority on the long list of people companies are worried about. But this is a mistake. Companies have to compete for talent and stand out as a preferred place of employment to potential candidates. Anyone who comes in contact with your company has the potential to influence your brand image through online reviews.

So how do you make sure your candidates walk away feeling good about their experience with your company?


A common mistake that many businesses make is failing to communicate with candidates. Making sure to call them back, whether or not they’re moving to the next step in the application process, isn’t just polite, it’s respectful.

If someone has taken the time to apply to work at your company, they deserve the two minutes it will take to acknowledge their effort. Remember, everyone who interacts with your company should have a positive experience. They may be a future customer, a reviewer, or even a candidate for a different position. Taking the time to tell them where they are in the process is paramount to ensuring they walk away having had a good experience.

Don’t hide the details

An informed candidate is a higher quality candidate. Think about it. If a candidate has to jump through hoops to submit their resume, doesn’t know the salary, or can’t easily find the job description, they’re going to be frustrated at best.

Being transparent about everything from the application process to the starting salary and benefits allows candidates to ensure they aren’t wasting time applying for a job they don’t want or isn’t right for them. If you provide clear expectations around how they will move through the process, you remove confusion and increase ease. It’s better for them and you.

Don’t be late

Don’t prioritize your time over theirs. Many candidates are already employed or have other obligations and have to make time to come to an interview. Be sure your interview process reflects your understanding of the time and effort needed on their end. Don’t show up late or cancel last minute.

Companies often assume their candidates are only in competition with each other, when in fact, your company is also in competition for the best candidate. If you wait too long before reaching out to them, you may lose your best candidates to a company that beat you to them.

There’s nothing worse than to be left hanging. Let your candidates know if they’re moving to the next round, if they got the job, or if they didn’t. Even if you reach out with the uncomfortable news they didn’t make the cut, at least you won’t leave them wondering.

Every interaction is an opportunity

Every time your company interacts with someone, you have an opportunity to make a positive impact on your brand image. Each person who walks away from your company is a potential brand ambassador, customer, or reviewer. If your company is committed to creating a positive experience, then every interaction should play into those values. In the end, the effort pays off in a trusted, respected, and reliable brand.


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