Is Your Marketing Message Missing the Mark?

Raffa Financial ServicesRaffa Financial Services on 08/29/2019

When it comes to making purchase decisions, today’s consumers have a multitude of businesses to choose from— and they are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages from all of them. If yours isn’t relevant or appealing, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get lost in the chaos.

What sounds more appealing to you?

  • In business since 1892, Ye Olde Company established itself as the number one provider of widgets. Our forefathers cultivated long-term relationships that still exist today.
  • With passionate employees and cutting-edge technology, Capable Company creates innovative widget solutions to help you achieve superior quality and results.

Ye Olde Company: working their same processes with their same clients, and reflecting back on the good old days?


Capable Company: taking advantage of new technology and constantly looking for ways to provide better products and results?

What doesn’t work

The year your company got started will not be the thing that earns customer trust. Your clients are interested in what you are doing right now and how you can give them what they need. today.

If your marketing story reads more like a dry history book than a gripping thriller, you're wasting valuable marketing time, resources, and real estate that could otherwise be used to help potential clients understand how you can solve their most pressing problems.

But before you go out and revamp your entire marketing strategy and message, you’ll need to do your homework.

Define your why

What is your business really about? The story of how you came to exist may or may not be critical to what you’re doing now. The key lies in remembering that your marketing really isn’t about you. It’s about your clients. What do they care about? What challenges do they have? What do they want and need?

If your history fits into that narrative in some way, go ahead and incorporate those bits and pieces, but the primary focus needs to be on your customer. If you’re not addressing their critical issues, someone else will. And truly happy customers won’t feel slighted if you skip the “birth of a company” story in your marketing materials. We promise.

Work with leadership to set a vision for where you want to go, then come up with a plan to build a business model and company culture that will help get you there. Don’t let the fear of change stop you! Things aren’t the same as they were when Grandpa started the company and running your business in the past is not the way to future growth.

Make the investment

It’s the rare organization that is able to rebrand themselves successfully on their own. Unless you’re the exception, this is not a do-it-yourself project. Now is the time to bring in the pros and hire a marketing firm, preferably one with experience in your industry.

A good marketing and web development firm will take you through a comprehensive process to understand what you're trying to communicate. They should offer guidance and suggestions to help you craft a brand, message, and web presence that supports your new client-centered business model. But don’t let them define your company for you.

Your role is still very important. You’ll need to give the marketing team a solid understanding of who you are as an organization and what you do for your clients. A good marketing message should be focused around capturing the audience’s attention by solving a need. Ask yourself, “What needs does our company solve for our clients and customers?”

About that company story…

You don’t have to toss your history in the trash. When done well, including some of this information can enhance customer experience and engagement. That said, the past should not be your front-and-center focus.

If potential customers are interested, they can read more about your company and its origin. Keep your story relevant, brief and appealing. Paragraphs of details about the timelines of ownership, location changes, logo explanations, and personal histories aren’t going to be key decision-making factors for customers. It may be fascinating information for your team, but probably not for your potential clients.

Your message should be a modern story, front and center on your site, that talks about your business model and what it does for the client. Instead of rambling on about where you came from, focus on where you and your customers can go together.


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