It Pays to Invest in Employee Training

Raffa Financial ServicesRaffa Financial Services on 04/25/2019

You might think your staff doesn’t need any additional training, especially when it comes to the basic office programs and technologies they use every day.

But in reality, you and your team could be underperforming and not even know it.

How many times have you learned a new time-saving trick and said, “Wow! I wish I’d known that years ago!” We’ve all had plenty of these moments. Perhaps you even had one this morning. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

But we will remind you that when you invest in training your employees to better use the technology that is integral to their jobs, you have the pleasure of working with and managing more productive and more highly skilled team members.

Your staff will also be happier, because by making them more efficient, you’ll be saving them some serious amounts of time and frustration. And, if time really does equal money, investing in training and development will be good for your bottom line as well. But it’s not just about the cash.

Other perks of on the job skills training include:

  • A culture that promotes continual education and professional development
  • Improved employee confidence, morale and engagement
  • Removal of the stigma associated with asking for help

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? So, how do you get moving in that direction?

Tap into your talent

You don’t have to rush out and start looking for outside experts. Nearly every organization in existence has one or more people who already know the systems really well. These are the go-to people everyone seeks out when questions come up.

If you’ve got someone internally who is willing to provide a series of short, technical training sessions for the staff on a regular basis, take advantage of that resource. Release that person from a few other tasks and let them help your entire team improve skills and increase productivity.

In reality, this is probably happening already, but on a much less efficient basis. If your in-house experts are constantly giving up little blocks of time to help coworkers with various processes and technology issues, they’re losing valuable productivity. Why not offer these folks the opportunity to spend 10 or 15 targeted minutes once or twice a week helping the entire team instead? This will reduce the overall teaching and learning time and save your highly productive employees from giving away countless hours— a few minutes at a time.

If you’ve got an employee who is a process wizard, invite them to share what they know, if not with everyone, then at least within their team or department. A quick 10 minutes at each staff meeting could result in vastly increased efficiency and productivity.

Think outside the team

If you don’t have anyone willing or qualified to mentor others internally, seek help from outside organizations or consultants. This is especially helpful if you are implementing new technology or onboarding new employees.

  • Bring experts to your location to host on-site training sessions
  • Send staff to local community colleges for skills enhancement
  • Reimburse employees who are motivated to do this on their own
  • Take advantage of online training, classes and certification programs

If you’re investing in new technology, hire someone from that organization to come in and help get your team to get up to speed.

Chances are your new system is already expensive. What will your ROI look like if no one knows how to use it properly? Build staff training into the projected cost upfront. It’s money and time well spent.

It’s okay not to know

If you recognize yourself as someone who could benefit from additional skills training, don’t worry! You’re certainly not alone. Everyone has room for growth somewhere. The only reason to feel bad is if you waste the opportunity to improve.

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