Raffa Builds a COVID-19 Symptom Tool for Clients

Raffa Financial ServicesRaffa Financial Services on 11/12/2020

Coronavirus. COVID-19. “The New Normal.” Whatever people call it, it’s changed the way we live our lives and conduct our business. Organizations have been forced to either adopt a fully remote work environment or institute entirely new protocols for on-site work.

Those who opt for on-site work are likely making temperature checks and symptom surveys a requirement for all employees. These types of health checks can vary, but the main goal is safety – safety for businesses, employees and visitors.

One of our clients, Friendship Public Charter School wanted to open their schools in the fall. While some organizations can easily operate on a remote basis, Friendship’s value to the community extends beyond the education they provide. Friendship provides many students with meals and mentorship opportunities, making their ability to open their doors essential.

An administrative problem

Many businesses are using paper forms to keep track of their employees’ health status. Friendship employs over 800 teachers and staff across nine campuses, making a traditional, paper-based record-keeping process problematic. It would be impossible to effectively and efficiently collect the status surveys and potentially contact-trace COVID exposure in a paper environment.

With problems come solutions

At Raffa, we prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all our clients. So much so that when we heard of Friendship’s predicament, we immediately met with our tech wizard, Josh Payette, about the viability of developing a web-based tool for Friendship team members to take their safety protocols virtual.

After initial brainstorming, we selected the name, My COVID Assessment, and Josh began building out an application. We were able to launch the website in under a month and in advance of the start the new school year.

Many companies are finding unique ways to help others in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is a contribution Raffa can make to the community’s effort to return to normalcy.

The app: what it does

Whether a team member or a visitor, anyone entering a Friendship location is asked to first visit MyCovidAssessment.com on their computer, tablet or smartphone to complete a COVID-19 symptom assessment. This assessment consists of a variety of questions to help determine a person’s risk.

The site returns a status badge to show staff monitoring facility entrances. If the person has no risk, their status badge shows they are cleared to enter. If the person is deemed a risk, the status badge shows they are not cleared to enter and are given guidance on the next steps.

Facility administrators can see data on the number of high-risk or no-risk people, as well as specific assessment responses (if a user affirms a HIPAA release in the portal).

Looking toward the future

What’s next? At Raffa, we believe in the power of community and helping our clients do more to perpetuate the health and wellbeing of those in their care. Our next chapter in this story has us taking the new app to all our clients who may need a COVID-19 symptom assessment for their teams.

Raffa is very proud of this accomplishment, and we recognize the amazing work that Josh and the rest of our team is doing! #ExpectMore #DoMore



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