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Raffa Financial ServicesRaffa Financial Services on 04/26/2018

You know how kids start out being cute cuddly babies that we need to constantly care for and monitor?

As they grow into their teen years, we then begin to see them as independent people and the conversations begin to change. We allow them the freedom to make decisions, get jobs, and drive cars. We begin to rely on them for daily tasks because they’re capable of it. We can see their potential, and ask them to do more. Hopefully, they step up to the challenge and perform.

This is the same type of progression that’s taken place with social media. Many popular platforms started largely as personal communication tools. People had fun and played around with friends— sharing photos, videos, and stories from daily life. 

As time went on, people began expecting more from their social outlets. Many business owners and professionals worked hard to make the connection between these platforms and good business practices. They have banded together to crack the code for how these tools can be successfully integrated into sound business practices. And what’s come out of it is a whole new way of doing business. 

Social media has grown up.

But there’s a problem

Unfortunately, many companies still think social platforms are just another form of broadcast marketing and advertising for their company. But they’re not.

Social media tools are not stand-alone outposts where we should set up shop and post nothing but promotional messages about our businesses. And yet this common misperception remains alive and well. If your company is using social media this way, you’re doing it wrong. More importantly, you are at risk of losing valuable client goodwill and loyalty because of it. 

People don’t want their feeds clogged up with endless streams of “Look-at-me!” promotional messages. Would you voluntarily sign up to receive junk mail or telemarketing calls? Absolutely not. But that’s the equivalent of promotional social media use. It’s nothing but online junk mail.

What people are looking for is answers. They have questions, problems, and issues. Sometimes general questions for which your company may have a quick and easy answer. Or specific questions related to how your company can help them with a particular need or situation they are dealing with.

It’s not about advertising. It’s about solutions.

Today’s consumers want (and expect!) to work with businesses differently. The way consumers look for information has changed, and businesses need to change the way they are offering it.

There is a solution

Social media platforms are big and powerful. You’re not going to beat them. You’ve got to join them.

But it takes some education and strategy. If you jump in and start using social media without educating yourself about what your messaging looks like, where your audience is, and how your customers expect to be interacted with, you’re not going to have success.

Not only will you be wasting precious time and resources, you run a high risk of eroding your company brand and reputation.

It’s an investment

With any business endeavor, there’s a learning curve involved. Taking your corporate social media strategy to the next level is no different. Yes, it will probably require significant amounts of time, energy, and resources to do it right.

And just like any other investment, it has the potential to pay off big.


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