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Raffa Financial ServicesRaffa Financial Services on 03/15/2018

It’s Women’s history month and @Lauren Asghari with @Alderson Loop is kicking off a podcast series she created called “How’d Her Career Get There.”  She spends time talking with successful women in our business community to learn more about what influenced their career path and highlights their journey.

She recently spoke with @Sharon Tiger.  Hear from Sharon, in her own words, on what they talked about:

“What I learned watching my single Mother raise 4 kids as she put herself through both undergraduate and graduate school paved my path to success. From my first job, opening mail in the mailroom of a health insurance company (If I told you some of the polaroids I saw back then, sent through the mail by people to illustrate their condition, you'd know why I basically carry hand sanitizer in a canteen around my neck.) to my current position, VP of Business Development at Raffa Financial Services I have learned a lot, have some regrets, and still run from polaroid cameras.  Find out how I went from a shy 21 year old, too nervous to pay for food in a fast food line or to get my driver’s license to basically thinking I could be Justin Timberlake performing in the super bowl.”

You can listen to the entire podcast here!

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