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Steve Heger, President

Steve Heger

Jon Zeisler, Vice President of Group Benefits

Jon Zeisler

Vice President of Group Benefits
Jeyalene Baron, Financial Advisor / Benefit Consultant

Jeyalene Baron

Financial Advisor / Benefit Consultant
Eduardo Gimenez, Vice President of Retirement Plan Services

Eduardo Gimenez

Vice President of Retirement Plan Services
Matthew Roberts, Director of Group Benefits

Matthew Roberts

Director of Group Benefits
Jennifer Conners, Office Manager

Jennifer Conners

Office Manager
Kim Cochrane, Director, Retirement Plan Services

Kim Cochrane

Director, Retirement Plan Services
Christy Bonnewell, Senior Account Manager

Christy Bonnewell

Senior Account Manager
Kate Diffenderfer, Financial Advisor/HR Consultant

Kate Diffenderfer

Director of Client Solutions
Rick Carr, Financial Strategist

Rick Carr

Financial Strategist
James Strother, Financial Advisor

James Strother

Financial Advisor
Jim Van Eperen, Vice President of Raffa Insurance Services

Jim Van Eperen

Vice President of Raffa Insurance Services
Edward Owen, Retirement Plan Specialist

Edward Owen

Retirement Plan Specialist
Stephanie Springer, Senior Account Executive

Stephanie Springer

Senior Account Executive
Alexis Lopez, Senior Account Executive

Alexis López

Senior Account Executive
Marsha Barber, Account Manager

Marsha Cantler

Account Manager
Nikki Poole, Account Manager

Nikki Poole

Account Manager
Ashley Dronenburg, Account Manager

Ashley Dronenburg

Account Manager
Janet Hughes, Senior Analyst

Janet Hughes

Senior Analyst
Chris Payette, Senior Analyst

Chris Payette

Senior Analyst
Sherlyn Jeyasekeran, Analyst

Sherlyn Jeyasekeran

Russell Rizzi, Analyst

Russell Rizzi

Joanna Samuel, Individual Insurance Specialist

Joanna Samuel

Individual Insurance Specialist
Chrissy Bell, Administrative Assistant

Chrissy Bell

Administrative Assistant
Wendy Perez, Executive Assistant

Wendy Perez

Executive Assistant
Angela Fitzpatrick, Client Advocate

Angela Fitzpatrick

Client Advocate
Mat Gorchesky, Client Advocate

Mat Gorchesky

Client Advocate
Patti Curran, Client Advocate

Patti Curran

Client Advocate
Ronica Hitchcock, Client Advocate

Ronica Hitchcock

Client Advocate
Leigh Boyes, Client Service Manager

Leigh Boyes

Client Service Manager
Cameron Heger, Client Services Manager

Cameron Heger

Client Services Manager
Josh Payette, IT

Josh Payette


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